London History

.’. Our Lady Star of the Sea .’.

First built in 1793 for Catholic seamen at the nearby Royal Hospital, the church was later rebuilt in 1851 by Willian Wilkinson Wardell, with interior designs by Augustus Pugin.

The congregation was largely Irish-born, but also included sailors from Portugal, the Cape Verde islands, and as far away as Brazil and India.

Greenwich is a place that has a long and almost insuperable history with maritime affairs, ships and the sea. This church, on the hill, overlooks the wide expanses of the River Thames and the Royal Naval College below. For generations the congregation of this small and ancient church has been made up of citizens of Greenwich who have had a connection to the boats that pass by on the river. Today, although much of the seafaring has ended, the people who worship there still remember their church’s history.



One thought on “.’. Our Lady Star of the Sea .’.

  1. I really like those old pieces of history scaterred around Britain and the way you always write about them. I wish I could be there to see it for real, to FEEL the presence of the building, you know? It’s a shame we brasilians, don’t share the same amount of care for our history, the britains seem to have.The only thing missing is a pic showing the view of the River Thames. It must look great.Till next time.


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