London History

.’. Thurloe Square .’.

I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t seen any ‘new’ bootscrapers for a while; just the same designs repeated over and over. I walk about mentally saying, ‘got that one, got that one’ (how sad!).

But I had to go for an interview at South Kensington and I had some time before it so I went for a walk and I came accross to Thurloe Square, a traditional garden square in South Kensington.

There are private communal gardens in the centre of the square for use by the local residents. But what really makes Thurloe Square special is all the old features that you still can see around the houses and you can spott lots of lovely bits of ironwork along the street as well.


Top: Victorian gate with iron bells.

Middle: Coalholes

Bottom: Boot Scrappers


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