London History

.’. Queen’s Anne Gate .’.


Walking around Westminster between Parliament Sq and St. James Park I came across to “Queen’s Anne Gate”, built during the reign of Queen Anne of Great Britain (1702 – 1714).
This little “street” has not changed much, the most amazing porches I’ve seen with handmade carved wood. You also can see old Victorian, iron bells, excellent plaster work, a perfect statue of Queen Anne and of course a street sign that shows you the “old and new”.
Photos of London by Henry Dixon in the 1870s and 80s shows the square (first photo at my gallery) and apart from the hoardings and the parked cars, the square looks virtually identical to its appearance over 130 years ago.


One thought on “.’. Queen’s Anne Gate .’.

  1. You have no idea how mmuch I adore carved wood. I’m download your gallery just to keep looking at the picture when my internnet fails me, and believe, it will.You’re right, they look very much the same.PS: I was waiting for a X-mas post, please, London has to be X-masLand with all that lights going on (and snow of course). I’m dying for a Christmas craker, can you give me one?


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