Coal Holes

Pavement Poetry – final part

Pavement Poetry - final part

” This district once boasted
a race-course & it retains
something of the dashing,
classless. devil-may-care, yes,
racy sense of the turf.”
(Hugh Thomas – 2004)

Here ends the hunting of the Pavement Poetry. I recommend going to their site, downloading the map and going for a walk. After all, a walk in Notting Hill is just as lovely as the poetry they stamp into our pavements.
Also lets not forget of all the other coal holes, they are part of London, all those coal holes that look up on us, visitors of other centuries…

Found @ Portland Road near to the Cross Shop


3 thoughts on “Pavement Poetry – final part

  1. Just to let you know that we published a book called Pavement Poetry available to order from or Amazon or any bookshop (or get your library to order it!) and it includes over 90 black and white photos of coalhole covers in London – yes, let’s not forget them as they were the jewels that inspired the Pavement Poetry project!


    1. Oh Yeah….I can’t wait to have some spare money to buy the book. I saw it and really want. They are definitely the jewels…


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