London History

.’. Iron’s of Illumination .’.

Nothing like walking around London and noticing something you never notice before. It really gives you an air of discovery or even adventure. After all, it is so difficult to see something “NEW” when you look so much. But then I notice that it wasn’t really London, but me.

I am always walking around and even though I look up and down sometimes one or other object scape my x-ray vision. Not lately though.

While at Bedford Row looking for coal holes I notice this lovely iron structures in front of a house. At first it looked like an ornament to put a nice flower pot. But then I thought: It can’t be “just” for a flower pot”.


During the weekend I went to Dean’s Yard at Westminster School and another one crossed my path. Same concept but a little more design, also no “flower pot” at all. Then I also notice this lovely iron piece that it looks like a cone and it gives you the idea that it don’t belong there.


And while walking around Queen Anne St, Welbeck St and Cavendish Place yesterday. I finally  found out that my “flower pot” theory was quite stupid! It seems like the lights from Victorian times are gone, but these houses are keeping the past that once illuminated their porches in a very “posh” way!!


PS: If you know anything else about the lovely iron works that you see here, please let me know. I would love to know more.




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