London History

.’. Bunhill Fields .’.


The name Bunhill is thought to have been derived from “Bone Hill” as the area has been a burial site for over thousand years. By the time it closed for burials in 1854 around 123.000 people had been buried here. There are over 2.500 memorials providing a history of memorial design.

Between all the burials you can find the great artist and poet Willian Blake, the author Daniel Defoe and many of the Cromwell family.

Bunhill Fields are an oasis of calm and greenery gardens and looking at the tombs around me I wonder the story off many that rest here.

For example, the story of Willian Bousefield (on photo) that seems to not be bother and decided to put both wifes to rest together.

Also I would love to know were the whole of one of the tombs (on photo) can take us? Places like Bunhill are full of stories and mysteries and that is what turns these place into a magical world.


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