London History

.’. Jubilee Greenway .’.


On last 29 of February the Queen and the Duke of Endiburgh unveiled The Jubilee Greenway Walk marks Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This 37 mile walking and cycling route is exactly 60 kilometres long – one kilometre for each year of Her Majesty’s reign. It will link many of London’s impressive Olympic Games venues.

You’ll pass by the O2 Arena, which will host the gymnastics, trampoline, basketball and wheelchair basketball events or make a short detour to Greenwich Park where the equestrian and modern pentathlon events will take place. Stroll or pedal your way alongside the river to Whitehall to see Horse Guards Parade being transformed into courts for beach handball. Dip your toe – or more if it’s warm enough – into the Serpentine at Hyde Park where the 10km open water swim will take place and imagine the speed and excitement of the road cycling which reaches its conclusion in Regent’s Park.

If you want to know more about the Jubilee commemorations please got to the web site: Diamond Jubilee


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