“Funny” Visitor

People ask me if I do have a magnet field to CRAZY people with stupidy questions. My answer is: HELLS YEAH!!!!! Doesn’t matter where I work, the Crazy people always comes straight to me.

One day while doing Volunteer work at the British Museum a visitor asked:

Visitor: Can you help me some directions please?

Me: Off course, How can I help you?

Visitor: Do you know how to get to that building that looks like a dildo?

Me (in total disbelieve): Do you mean to Gerkin?

Visitor: If is the one that looks like a dildo yes….


WHERE THIS PEOPLE COMES FROM???? And WHY THE ALWAYS FIND ME???? I will post a story a day about those encounters. Believe me….I have LOTS!!!

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.’. Visitor Question – chapter 1 .’.

Inside the Queens Gallery at the Leonardo do Vinci exhibition, visitor comes to me and ask:

Visitor: Who is Leonardo da Vinci?

Me: He was an Italian artist, an inventor and I even dare to say a cientist.

Visitor: Where does he lives now? Where can I meet him?

Me: Unfortunetly he passed away in 1519.

Visitor: So I can’t meet him?

Me: No. He is dead.

Visitor: And I can’t meet him?

Me: NO!!!!

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The Past of Victoria Station


On the entrances into Victoria station shows two tiled maps of train lines from Victoria Station. These date from the days that the station was part of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway (1846 – 1922). This map shows the London Suburban Lines, the other is a map of the system and includes the boats to the continent.

The LB & SCR side of Victoria Station opened on 1 October 1860.

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.’. Victorian Bell .’.


Nothing like the old victorian bits that time to time we are able to see lost between the centuries!!!

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.’. Mystery Solved – Lincoln’s Inn .’.


The Gates were erected in 1872.  The side gates have the letters ICRV, which stand for the Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers.  The Inns originally raised a body of troops in 1584 to defend the country against a threatened invasion from Spain. They had various names and in 1859, shortly after the Crimean War, they became the 23rd Middlesex (Inns of Court) Rifle Volunteer Corps.  Lt Col Brewster was the first commandant of the ICRV and his name is on the central panel.  In their current form, their headquarters is to the northeast of the Lincoln’s Inn site at 10 Stone Buildings.


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.’. Lincoln’s Field – Iron Gate of mystery .’.


I have walked pass this gate so so so many times that I shouldn’t say this: I NEVER NOTICE IT before! What worries me even more is the fact that I looked everywhere and couldn’t find nothing about it.

All I have is that the Gate is located at Lincolns Inn, bears the letters I.C.R.V, the word Brewster and the date 1863 and off course, as you can see, the Gate also have two amazing Water pumps now transformed into lovely flower beds.

Do you know anything about this Gate?? Please, feel free to send me an email and tell me all!!!!

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.’. Commit no Nuisancce .’.


I simply love old signs, at the back of the Welsh Congregational Chapel at Great Guildford Street you will find this one. For some weird reason it brings me a smile and really makes me think:

– Why would anyone use a sign like this? The answer is: BECAUSE IS GREAT!!!! I honestly think we should have it all over London and I would love a badge to use at work everyday. Maybe with some luck it could help me with the people that definately doesn’t know inconvinient they are!

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